Best Cheap Standing Desks

Desk for standing work is an innovation in the world of technologies. So, in this article, we will discuss the peculiarities of standing desk technology and make a selection of the best cheap standing desks.

Take care of your health – work in a dynamic position with a standing desk!

Every day more and more people take advantage of standing work. Numerous studies show that working in a sitting position for long periods of an hour is bad for your health. The line of standing desks with electric adjustment on height gives you the chance to change for the better your style of work. Alternating body posture during the workday can be the easiest and most effective way to deal with excess weight, increase productivity and combat mental fatigue and back pain.

The standing table is an advanced computer desk that can be used comfortably while sitting or standing. The seemingly simple structure on two legs is equipped with a mechanism for lifting the tabletop.

Using tables for standing work has a number of benefits:

  • Smoothly and quickly transforms the speed of lifting the tabletop up by 45 cm – 20 seconds.
  • It is easy to adjust the height of the table to suit your height. There is no need to get up, bend over and look for a lever, as, for example, at tables equipped with a gas lift, or twist a handle to raise the tabletop. 4-button panel for easy operation.
  • The motor and hoists work quietly (noise level up to 40dB).
  • Practical: you can work in two positions – sitting and standing.
  • Thanks to the ergonomic cut-out in the middle; you can rest your elbows on the table and work comfortably.
  • Reliable and stable: the tabletop is large and when working while standing, you can freely lean on the edge of the table.
  • You can store in the memory of the control system 4 positions of the height of the working surface, which are convenient for you to work.

Costco – a great option for purchasing standing desk

Costco is the third largest retailer in the Fortune Global 500 (2020) after Walmart and Amazon. The chain sells everything from food and electronics to household goods and insurance. It is based on a membership that will cost from $ 60 to $ 120 per year and includes many discounts and benefits, as well as cheap gasoline, vacation discounts, and discounts on medications, etc.

The best alternatives of standing desks

Costco Standing desk is all thought out to the smallest detail: minimalist design, ergonomic workplace, functionality, the quick and easy transformation of the table. When creating models of tables, the recommendations of leading doctors and specialists are taken into account.

The most commonly used tables are the following:

  • Barsky StandUp Memory. A distinctive feature of this dress is the ability to control your movements, taking comfortable positions for working while standing and sitting.
  • Kulik system e-table universal. The ergonomics of the table is characterized not only by a handful but by a corset for physical health. The last change of position, normal standing/sitting, will increase the tone.
  • Tresanti Adjustable Height Desk has a smooth and reliable control system and an advanced design that does not require a crossbar.
  • AOKE Manual is a model of an ergonomic table with manual adjustment. The table uses a simple gear system connected by a rod to a handle.
  • ET123 (IB) – a modern table from the world leader in the manufacturer of height-adjustable tables Loctek. Thanks to the convenient remote control, you can always see the current height, as well as choose up to three positions that will not require constant manual adjustment.