Alienware gaming laptop guide

How to choose a gaming laptop? You want power, an elegant design, and a reasonable price. Buying this device is always accompanied by the torment of choice. This article will discuss the best alternatives and the main characteristics of the Alienware laptop guide.


What is the difference between gaming laptops and ordinary ones?

Gaming laptops combine the top characteristics of all the components that are part of them. Modern video games are spectacular virtual worlds, unlimited possibilities, exciting adventures, and real heroes. And without powerful technical equipment, it is unlikely to be able to fully appreciate all this. After all, games with high-quality graphics are the most demanding on computer resources. There will be a lot of computing work before any image appears on the monitor. It is performed by a powerful processor that processes data. It builds three-dimensional models of all objects, which are then displayed on the screen with a video card.

The main parameters of gaming computers

With a certain gaming “experience” comes an understanding of what it takes to get the best results – manufacturers offer to choose the most relevant models of gaming laptops. But if you lack experience, then you need to focus on the following parameters:

  • processor: the market traditionally offers products from Intel and AMD;
  • video game adapters: they provide the quality of visual effects, detail of the surrounding objects, the naturalness of the images;
  • drive: computer games take up a lot of space and also require high-speed access;
  • memory: in the case of gaming laptops, the larger the amount of memory, the better;
  • battery: experts advise choosing a gaming laptop with a battery capacity of 4000 mAh;
  • cooling system: during the game all the resources of the electronic device are used to the maximum;
  • monitor: it all depends on the preferences of the future owner of a gaming laptop.
  • keyboard: in gaming laptops, the location of some keys is optimized to increase the comfort of the game;
  • sound: it is of great importance in some games. You need to look closely at the technology used and inquire about the presence of a built-in subwoofer.

Dell Alienware – powerful device for your activity

The Alienware notebooks combine high performance and a new revolutionary design – the perfect solution for complete immersion in the game. A brand new, compact, and powerful computer is designed to play more resource-intensive video games anywhere.

The main characteristics comprise the following:

  • Stable and advanced design: the magnesium alloy body and polished aluminum coating protect the LCD monitor and its components, and the copper radiators cool the system from the inside, allowing you to play without interruption for many hours.
  • The Intel Core i7-4710MQ processor provides a balanced combination of the highest performance and efficient power consumption, allowing you to play longer.
  • Intel Smart Cache technology speeds uploading by exchanging cache data in CPUs and GPUs.
  • Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 technology optimizes the system power distribution, allowing you to simultaneously listen to music, play video games and chat with friends in an instant messaging program without slowing down the system.
  • Due to the NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, the DELL Alienware 17 laptop (A771610SBDS1W-14) offers incomparable image quality.
  • Thanks to bright saturated colors and a wide viewing angle, the games will look perfect both indoors and outdoors on a 17-inch screen with Full HD resolution and coverage.
  • NVIDIA GeForce Drivers: Provide configuration and timely device updates to support the latest innovations.